Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sorry for the delay...

It's been a few months since my last post.And for those who read it often, my apologies. Well since the summer is upon us thing have gotten so busy. The Litchfield Jazz Camp is about ready to start, and it's packed with students so i'm super excited! B'Smith's NYC restaurant is going well with the music performances as at this point, we have music 4 nights a week! (So Stop By!) The other big thing is i've decided to start working out and rebuilding my body the way it should be. I've been hitting the gym 5 days a week and feeling great. At this point i'm down about 35 lbs and run anywhere from 3-5 miles a day! So for anyone who thinks they can't do it, trust me..with dedication you can!
Well that's all for now, just a little note so all of you know I haven't forgot about you, and there will be much to write about!
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