Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A friend gone, but never forgotten.

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” - Albert Pike

I remember the day I met Will. I was just about to turn 19 years old and being young and just starting off life, I would use the facilities at the New School as often as I could. If you knew me back then, I was either in one of two places. The practice room or on the 3rd floor by the elevators on the computers at 55 west 13th street. I didn’t own my own computer and purchasing one was a far away dream at this point, so there I was.

Will came off the elevator and got on the computer right beside me. I continued to surf the web, was watching a video and of course, I started to laugh out loud. It was then that Will asked what was the video about, I told him and we watched some more together. We continued to chat and as he headed back down stairs to his post(the friendly security guard you had to pass daily) our conversation continued. 4 hours later and the school having to close, so ended our chat.

12+ years later, It seemed our conversation never ended. It would only take pauses so that life could go on living. For the next 3 years of college I found myself hanging out with him and the rest of the security crew often. But that was Will and the crew. They were friends, many i’m sure viewed each other as family. And me? Will always welcomed me with open arms. As he did with everyone he chatted with on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

As college continued, the struggles of a bronx born musician didn't get easier just yet. There were days where I had to concentrate on the long term and know that hard work would pay off… But until then it was my friends that helped out. I kept my personal finances generally to myself but Will was no fool. If he noticed I was hungry, he never hesitated to offer some food. If I was in one of those pointless relationships we all seem to go through in the beginning of our adulthood, he was quick to give advice. He would put things in perspective and you always left feeling better not only about you, but about life…

That was Will..

He would give everyone salutations. Whether just a nod of his head or more commonly an embracing hug or firm handshake from this larger then life person. See, Will was over 6 feet tall, a bodybuilder for decades, but was one of the nicest people I had ever met….EVER.

I remember when his son was born, he was so proud. He was always happy to bring him around and introduce him to the world. Every hour long conversation almost always involved his son to an extent. That’s what a proud dad does, that’s what every son wants.

As life continued, and New School became a thing of my past, I would make sure to stay in touch with Will and most of the security crew. It wouldn’t matter if 6 months had past, when we saw each other , the hang was going to happen.  I would sometimes have to plan out my semi random appearances to Will, I always knew in the back of my mind, you couldn’t just say hello and keep it moving, Will was different, he would remember the slightest details of your last conversation and take it from there.

The last 5 years our conversations always started the same. How’s music going, your life, your family and if I was going to the gym. He didn’t ask just to be polite. He asked because he actually wanted to know. In a way he was like the older brother to all of us. As all of your read this, I know you know what I mean. The reason why we are sad is not just because he is no longer in this world, but because no new memories will be created. But as the saying goes, “as long as you keep the memories alive, he will forever be immortal”

I can’t even begin to tell you how much things I learned from him. Whether about relationships, confidence, self worth, he knew it all. Advice that I have passed on to many and will continue to do so. He was one of those friends that you could tell the most craziest stories to, because you knew he would get a kick out of it. He never judged, he was just there, whether you needed some time to forget,  or just advise about..well anything.

I’ll never forget how happy he was for me when some time had passed and I finally got my health in check. I gotta think it was one of those proud moments for him. He spent years giving me advice about eating, working out, nutrition… to see me finally successful after all these years. Most people would have given up giving advice. Not him…

That was Will

The last couple of years I would be so excited to see him. He was always interested on my progress in health and I was just as eager to talk to him about it.  I went to see him a week or so before I ran the NYC Marathon. It was a seemingly relaxed day so he showed me some kung fu clips online. We laughed, we talked and he wished me luck with the race. I said my goodbye and as always felt refreshed as I continued on my night.

I had once asked Will why he never decided to compete in an actual bodybuilding competition. It was obvious he had the look and genetics to make a career out of it. Instead he served in the Military for 8 years, went out to war came back and continued to live a happy life. He could have taken an easier route, but chose not to.

So I asked, why not compete. His response was simple and profound. He told me he would “never want to be part of something that was solely based on “judging” others,” because he would never judge anyone physically or mentally. We are all unique. It’s better that way. I couldn’t agree more…..

That was Will
That Is Will

I write this because it’s the best way of explaining how this human being was. If you knew Will you knew it was always possible to do good. If you knew Will, you knew what a positive aura felt like. If you knew Will, you knew what it was to have a friend no matter how much time passed in between.

Rest in peace my friend. I’ll see you on the other side William Gary
Albert Rivera

Monday, November 18, 2013

With time, even the deepest of wounds shall heal…

I can’t predict the future. Nor would I want to. In life, i’ve learned it’s the random occurrences that really puts things in perspective. Those days when things just go your way, and those day you wish soon to forget. I like not knowing. In a way, it’s like every morning is a fresh start. A clean canvas and only you are the painter. You decided the outcome of the portrait. Not your friends, your family, your relationship, your husband or wife, but you. No matter where you are, no matter how amazing the day was prior or dreadful the week was, when you wake up that  ever so important decision to be happy, is simply up to you.

It’s hard to let go of the past. I understand. It’s those old memories that seems to pop up when least expected, when all you wish for is to simply forget. Those feelings that seem to follow you wherever you go. All you want to do is be happy, but at times your mind has other plans. I get it. The world gets it. Just remember, it gets better.

See, it’s the moment when you finally let go of the past so that you can live for the present which in turns will allow you be happy for the future. But it starts today, and it’s up to you. That is the secret. Maybe I can predict the future, or maybe it’s not the future we are predicting, but simply ensuring your own personal perfect ending.

We all have it in us, it just all starts with a smile.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The day I met 26.2 miles

I woke up early, felt refreshed and slowly opened my eyes. It took a moment to notice the time - 3:15am. It arrived. For most people, this early morning was the ending of their Saturday night. But for me, it was the start of one of the best days of my life. The day had come. I knew it, and 51,000 other people knew it... It was Marathon Sunday in New York City.

I quickly got up, got ready and was out the door within a few minutes. The feeling that I was leaving something important behind lingered around. I think I was just a bit anxious. It’s not everyday you do something you will remember for the rest of your life. I went down my mental check list. I had my bib number, my Garmin watch, and my trusty pair of Nike Free Runs. Yeah, I was ready. 

I’ve made it a habit in life that when I need to be anywhere, I make sure i’m there early. The last thing I needed was a random scenario leaving me away from the starting line. Today was no different, I hailed the first cab I could, and then jumped on the 1 train heading downtown. There was no way I was going to be missing my stop, not today. 

I made it to the Staten Island Ferry terminal with a while to spare. Security was tight. First I had to get through a bomb sniffing dog, then a bag check. The lined moved quickly and I sat down and waited. I looked at my watch, 5:10 am. Plenty of time for the 6:15am ferry. Plenty of time to start taking it all in. 

I met up with Andrew Hadro a few minutes after 6. Why not start this day, the same way we did almost 3 years ago. We were excited, we shared stories, but we both knew today was going to be far from easy.  Most accomplishments are ever easy. That’s why you put in the work. The harder you work, the better the end result. 

We made it to the “Village” as it was called, and after dropping off our bags we wished each other luck. We both had ambitious goals for our first ever marathon. He was going for a sub 3 hour. From the first road race we ever did we knew he was fast. I had a slower goal, 3 hours and 45 minutes. Albeit, both were ambitious, we both were going to try. 

I was finally able to meet with my 3rd running partner and friend Ali Magistrali as I headed into my corral. She raised the most money for the S.L.E LUPUS foundation among all three of us and even though we all were going back and forth in emails and even shared a quick hello at the race expo, it was a few weeks since we had a chance to hang.

We still had about an hour to wait before the official start. The weather seemed to get colder and colder as that very hour progressed. It didn’t matter. Everyone in the corral was ready, we were all focused.

I had a few extra layers of clothes on and my top sweater ended on Ali to keep her warm. That hour flew by with the help of few entertaining conversations with some strangers. Next thing we know we are waiting for the final instructions and away we go.

Since 2011 i’ve lost count of how many races i’ve done. After the first 10 it became business as usual. Have a goal, crush the goal, repeat. But this was different. I wasn’t sure if it was the sea of people running across the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, the helicopters flying above, the 26.2 miles ahead of us or just the fact it is the biggest marathon in the world. Either way, it was happening, and I knew 1 thing for certain. I wasn’t going to stop till I crossed the finish line. 

We may have started in Staten Island, but the first “stop” was Brooklyn. Let me tell you something about it. Each and every mile was filled with the neighborhood. It didn’t matter if we were in South Brooklyn or North Brooklyn, the people came out to support. 

Alison and I stood together for most of the run. She had her name written on her shirt and it was amazing to here how many people shouted her name. Note to self…. Write my name on my shirt!

The first 10 miles was a breeze. It was there when we finished going up 4th avenue towards Atlantic were I saw a blind lady who was running with a guide. You want inspiration? Try running 26.2 miles, now do it blind. I’m not one to get overly emotional but that struck a happy chord with me. I had my own journey just like the other 51,000 runners. I was able to lose 100 pounds and get my life back. But I had all my senses to do so. This lady, along with many others were on a journey that makes them see more then most humans can imagine with their working eyes. Inspiring is the word one can use. Or maybe determined is better. You pick.. 

As we left Brooklyn, I looked at Ali and told her I was feeling great and told her that it was the easiest half marathon i’ve ever done. Let’s ignore the fact it was about a 1:53 time, off pace for my 3:45 marathon but it didn’t matter. I felt good, We all felt good. Queens came and it started to drizzle just a bit. Nothing of significance, or to slow us down. 

14 miles in and I noticed a few people on the side. Some were in pain, some simply were stretching. We kept on. The live bands were always an added bonus. I was set with a 4+ hour play list on my iPhone but at this point I hadn't even pressed play. 

The first bit of struggle came in mile 15 as we all were making it up the Queensboro bridge. It’s not that it’s so steep, it’s that it’s a consistent incline. 15 miles in, regardless of your level of fitness this will slow you down a bit. If not with your time, but with the amount of effort it takes to maintain your time. 

As I noticed the end of the bridge approaching, I could hear this constant rumble. I didn’t think much of it but simply wondered what it was. For a moment I thought it was a train passing us. The only problem is, there are no trains on this Bridge.

Are those sounds coming from the people?

The wall of sound became louder and louder. Words can’t explain the amount of people, the cheering and the smiles. It wasn’t a train. It was just NYC. That’s the sound of the heart of this city pumping. It’s our family, our friends, it’s simply our story. 

I shouted to the crowd “Let me hear you” as if they weren’t loud enough. There response? The cheers were deafening. It’s NYC, we do everything here 100x stronger, don't expect any less.

By mile 18 and 19, I could see people’s faces starting to struggle. I noticed a few walking, and some taking there time at the water stations. The sun was out but it was still cold. As a runner you didn’t notice. You were drenched in sweat. If there was a point that people would drop out, this was it. I was more then prepared for this day. I gave a few words of encouragement as I moved forwarded, but as far as me stopping, It didn’t even cross my mind.

I looked at the watch. 3 hours and counting. I couldn’t help wonder if Andrew had made his goal. He went into this day confident and ready. Between he and I, we put over 3000 miles in the course of the last 12 months. I didn't have much time to wonder. It was time to focus, we were entering the Bronx and as far as I was concerned, it was go time.

I grew up in the bronx, picked up my first musical instrument in the bronx (I would eventually become a professional musician) and lived and breathed the Bronx. This was my home, these were my people. For that very moment it wasn’t about a race, it was about living, it was about the stories that got me to this very point. It was about the struggles, the heartaches, the laughs and the smiles. It was about excepting it all and being happy with the result. My legs were getting tired, but my heart and mind were energized back to 100%.

We crossed over to Manhattan once again. Ali seemed to get her second wind and started to push ahead. She was the first person to talk to me about running. Though I was overweight, out of shape and headed to an early retirement in a grave, she would always ask if I wanted to join her for a few miles. Running a mile at that point in my life was a joke. The idea of running a 5k? Out of reach... running a half marathon? That just was absurd. 

They say if you plant a seed in someones mind and continue to nurture it, it has no option but to grow. Maybe Ali knew that, maybe she just wanted another friend to run with. Either way I was happy my love for running was developed. It was only fitting that one of the people that pushed me to run in the first place was slowly pushing ahead. I may have convinced her to run this marathon, but she convinced me to run and I'm pretty sure it saved my life.

I saw my sister and 2 nephews at around mile 22. That gave me a needed push. I wanted my nephews to remember their mother for the sweet lady she was. Lupus is one horrible illness and between Andrew, Ali and I, we were able to raise over $2000 for the foundation. My only hope is that some family in the future will not have to deal with losing a loved one. Not that way..not so young. We miss you Bonnie, we won't forget you. 

When you run for a deeper purpose, pain is irrelevant. 

Miles 24 and 25 were some of the toughest miles in my life. I had ran 25 miles before, but there’s a difference when you do it casually at a slower pace.
This was the real thing. I put my heart in these miles.. 24 and 25 were hard. I knew I didn’t need to stop, but I didn’t want to slow down to much. That’s where the challenge is. It’s a slow and steady uphill. If you are going to run a marathon it might as well be the NYC marathon and it might as well end going uphill. 

Mile 26 came and I was home free. As the finish line approached I started to reminisce about the last 3 years. The struggle to find my inner strength to change inside and out, the support of the friends, and the strangers I met along the way. This journey, though still only in the beginning is a beautiful one. Not because it’s my story, but because those who changed with me. It’s beautiful because whatever that was left over from my old me, left me for good on November 3rd, 2013. Whatever self doubt or excuses I once had, no longer applied. 


Andrew Hadro finished his first marathon in 3 hours and 57 seconds. It got him in the top 2% of all finishers, Ali Magistrali finished at 3 hours and 55 minutes and I followed her at 3 hours and 58 mins. Perfect end to a great day.

3 years ago I stepped in the gym, was reborn and given a second chance at life, but on November 3rd, 2013 I realized how to live.

They say if you want to get in shape learn how to run, but if you want to change your life run a marathon.

I understand that wholeheartedly. 
I am proud. I am a marathoner. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jealous Guy (John Lennon) - As performed by Ken Ross at Litchfield Jazz Camp w/Albert Rivera

Hey everyone! Happy to write a quick new post and share it with all of you! Well as you can see it's a video of a performance I was a part of in the middle of August during the Litchfield Jazz Camp. It features Vocalist Ken Ross who many of you may know that I am a huge fan of and hope he makes it BIG!
So do me a favor and share this video with your friends and it's a song written by John Lennon,  so we can't go wrong with it!

Recently I performed with ELEW at a private event for the awesome Jenny Oz Leroy
Things are getting busy, another performance this month with Cory Cox on the 18th and let's not forget the NYC Marathon I am happily running November 3rd! Yeah that's happening..

As always - Peace and love and I appreciate the continued readers of this blog, all my fans and friends. It is noticed and appreciated!
Albert Rivera <----Personal FB page!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm featured in the Huffington Post!

Good news everyone! Today I was featured in the Huffington Post on health and lifestyle changes that are success stories. I'm so thrilled that my story can be shared to many other people.

My hope?

That someone will read it and get inspired to change their life! IT doesn't matter if it's about your weight. Maybe it's a career change, a change in your mind.

Whatever it is, today is the day to do it. A mind strong enough to beleive in itself is strong enough to change the world.

Here is a snippet of the article. Click the link to read it ( and feel free to share this post, or the huffington post article to all parts of the online world. Near and far!

"....... I've had a fortunate career as a jazz musician, a good family, good friends yet I was so close to losing it all if I didn't get my health in order. I think the main problem was poor eating habits, like always going for the "bad" choice and never being happy with a decent-sized meal, but instead going for the second or even third serving. I think having an upbringing in a traditional Spanish household played a role. As long as I could remember, our meals were full of white rice, pasta, lots of meat and desserts. At the time, it never even crossed my mind that it was probably a little too much.
As a kid, I was always active: running around, playing sports, just generally being busy. But as I got older, home-cooked meals turned into fast food binges, with a limited amount of activity (other than performing at shows) and little or no time to consider my options. Pizza and Chinese food, my two favorite types of food at the time, were a normal occurrence.

Breaking Point: I could no longer deal with the shortness of breath, the pains throughout my body, the restless nights fighting sleep apnea, worrying about my blood pressure, wondering if I would make my 30th birthday. It was the thought of having a heart attack before I was 30 or getting diabetes that made me want to change. It was the moment of needing to catch my breath because I went up a flight of stairs or went on a nice walk. I decided it was up to me to change, I didn't want to be just another statistic." Click here to read entire article

Albert Rivera <--motivational page     <---personal page

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm running the 2013 NYC Marathon!

Yup, as crazy as that would have sounded to me only a couple of years ago last week I applied for my guarantee entry since in 2012, I did 9 road races and volunteered. $227 later, and a big ass smile - I know this will be an amazing experience.

Last weekend I tried something. I wanted to see how far I could take my body in a run. It started with a 4 mile run for the NYRR "Run as One" I felt so good and had already planned to run home. I got to the bronx and still felt great. When it was all said and done, I did my first ever 20 Mile run.

I guess I'm ready for the marathon, though I do have 6 more months of getting more miles in. I'm shooting for a 3:30 marathon. It's my goal, and I never give up on a goal. Nor should you. Whether it's a physical goal or mental.

I guess the point of this post is to remind everyone out there that in the beginning of  2011 I couldn't run a single mile with out  feeling like I was going to pass out... I got my life back, running along with weight training gave me my life back.
Oh how beautiful it is....This so called life and all it has to offer. #stay-focused

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You and I...We're not so different

When I woke up this morning, it was like any other day. I found myself away from home for work. I'm use to that, I woke up early to get started on what's to come. I'm use to that. As usual I looked out the windows at the sky, trees, the wind blowing. A consistent reminder that I'm alive...that I have so much to do in my ever so short life. I've gotten use to that. What was different today was a picture I noticed as I logged into my Facebook. A red box with a red pink equal sign in the middle.

I rarely watch the news and stay away from the newspapers...I quickly did a search and learned what it meant. In a matter of a day or 2, it became the social media sign in support of marriages for all. Whether Gay, Lesbian, TG. It was up for vote in California. How could I not stand in solidarity with the rest of the country...with the rest of the world. I support choice for anyone. In my short existence in this world I learned that 3 things are absolute. You can't decide when your first breath is taken, generally if all goes well, you don't decide when your last breath is, and finally...You almost never decide who you truly fall in love with.

If those 3 things are absolute, why is the world and this country so far behind. It makes me wonder..Why is it that some people think that a human is any different from any other human.

It boggles my mind.

Life would be so simple and happy if people would let other people live a good life. The question of whether you should have the right to marry anyone in this world should not be questioned based on the physical characteristics. It was only 50 years ago that it was illegal for interracial marriage. 

Ignorance... At times I want to blame them. The people that think this way; but then again I can't. We as a country, as a world are fed into the divide and conquer mentality. It's what makes the world tick. Not for us normal folks who wake up, work hard, take care of our families, try to be a positive force to anyone...I'm talking about the ones that self-proclaim to be the leaders of the world.

In my world...everyone is equal.

In the end I have a choice in the matter, to let these closed minded people decide whether being happy should be a right, or just supporting everyone I know close and far in being happy regardless of what the concepts may or may not say.

I should be so lucky to fall so deeply in love that no law in the world can keep me from happiness..
And that's what got me thinking...
You and I...We're not so different

A.Rivera -

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Want to run a 5k? What’s stopping you...

I often get asked what’s the best way to run or even walk a 5k. I guess before I answer that, I need to go back a few years and speak of things that I know about. In this case? My own life. It wasn’t to long ago where the idea of running a 5k was so absurd to me. Matter of fact, the idea of running or even jogging a single mile had no difference in my mind then running a marathon. How would I know the difference. If you never took the time to try something, the concept of actually doing something will stay a simple myth.

Just like most people in the world, I would casually watch the Olympics and see the runners compete to be the best in the world. I even would find myself watching the NYC Marathon from the comfort of my apartment as I woke up on a Sunday morning in November. I always noticed people running through out the streets of NYC, and it was especially a trip to see people running down the south side of the west side highway right by the water as I whisked by them in a car.

I always thought the 2 same ideas every time. That it "seemed fun", which was quickly followed by "that would never be me." I never viewed the sport in a dark light. It just never seemed possible for me. There was no drive, no ambition, no reason to run for more then a min at a time. I knew I wasn’t alone in this mindset, so what changed? As I spent years of my adulthood wondering if I would ever get in shape or simply be healthy, people kept running by me. It was like the world was telling me to stop and look around because the answer was right in front of my eyes. Everyone was running, they were smiling, some had a focus, others kept conversations with friends. Maybe in a way, life was telling me to make a decision quick, because just like those runners, my version of running involved time. And I knew time was running out.

But what made those runners run, and people like me, well...barely walk. I asked some friends that ran what makes them run constantly. I got answers that at the time I thought was odd. “it makes me feel free” one replied, “because it’s fun” replied another. “I want to stay in shape” was a constant answer by many. But one had more of a deep impact then all others. I was once told “I run because it’s my way of fighting off the potential cancer that a lot of my family have already faced, they say if you run.. it can help prevent”

It made me think....

Not to long after, things started to make sense. It’s the very reason I decided to join a gym, work through the struggles of the pain, go day in and day out, and eliminated all the excuses. It’s the exact very reason I became a runner too. It’s even the same reason I’m a professional musician. It comes down to 1 word. “Purpose”

See, it doesn’t matter how you run, whether you have a perfect running stride, the best gym clothes, the newest sneakers or even if running for you means to walk. Because if you have a “purpose” then giving up becomes such an odd idea, that eventually, it will become non-existent. Why do I run? My main reason has always stood the same, but all my side notes have changed. I run because I want to live. I want to have the best life possible, to live a long life in which I am not limited by physical in-capabilities that I, myself have control over. I run because I’ve realized others can’t. Once I started running and continued even after the pains in my knees that made me question why I ran in the first place subsided, another purposed became apparent...

 If I, a 254 pound, 5’7” man can learn how to run and get in shape, why not inspire others to do the same. I spent the beginning part of my adulthood enjoy most parts of my life. Now as I creep into my 30th year in this world, I enjoy all parts. Running does make you feel free. That was such an odd response when I originally asked that question. But after two years of running, it makes complete sense.

Running is a way of connecting with yourself. Just you and your thoughts or if you are lucky, a clear mind. These runs I take outside, I  now view as a journey. From point A to point B. It’s not about getting a certain amount of miles in, or how fast I can get there. It’s about enjoying what’s around you. I've lived in NY my whole life, and it wasn’t until I started running that I can honestly say I now know NY.  Running, just like weight training has made me have a friendly competition with myself.
I prove to myself that limits are irrelevant. You know how I ran my first mile? Very slow, until that treadmill said I made it.

So how do you run a 5k? The same way you would run a half marathon. Just do it. Find your purpose for the run. Maybe it’s health, but maybe it’s something deeper. I find when you are running for a cause, it makes you not quit. You can simply make a cause your purpose. Maybe it’s for a friend who survived cancer or maybe the cause is for a friend who wasn’t so lucky. Maybe it’s for your friends uncles' neighbor who knows a guy who’s going through or went through some rough times. I never said you had to actually know the person to show them support.

Start slow.

A 5k race can be walked in under an hour. Put things in perspective. 1 mile may seem a lot at first, but have you ever walked 20 street blocks? It’s about the same distance. To simplify it even more, i’m sure anyone reading this can do 1 city block in about a minute. Say you decided you wanted to speed walk. Well now you are talking about 14-15 minutes per mile. Ever been in a semi rush to get somewhere? Well that's speed walking. Once again, you can surely speed walk for a merely 45 minutes. Want to jog it? It’s the same concept, just a little quicker.

I remember in the first few months of running, after I was able to do about 2-3 mile runs, no matter what I did I couldn’t do more. Here I go again asking around. This time the answer were all the same. Set a distance above a mark that you ever did, and go for it. And when you get tired and think you can’t run no more, walk it. Let your mind know that if your goal is 3 miles, that you can do 3 whether it means running the whole way, running most of the way, or walking it.

Set small goals. Try to casually jog 1 mile first. It may take a few attempts, just know that your body will adapt quickly. If you were able to jog a half a mile and walk the rest, then the next time you attempt, make sure you don’t stop until 6/10 of a mile and walk the rest. Your body is an amazingly developed work of art. If you give it lemons, it gives you lemonade.

The very fact that you read this post should tell your own mind that you are serious about the goal. A goal, mixed with a purpose and determination leaves little room for failure. In fact, those 3, will guarantee success.

UltraMarathon runner Dean Karnazes said it best. It can be applied to running a 5k, starting a business or simply living a happier life. He said, “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”

Albert -

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A new video is up! And while you're at it.. "Like" my new Facebook Page

Dear faithful readers!
I know, I know... I have to be better with keeping up with my blog. But the way I see it, with all the great things going on in my life it gives me tons of writing material. In this case..It's a video just to make things a little different.
It's been so crazy the response I've gotten about the transformation of my body and health. A lot of the same questions, which I am happy to answer. So many things are in the works both musically and health wise (stay tuned) that when you guys and gals hear, I hope it puts a smile on your face.

If you are reading this take a moment to like my new Facebook page that I hope will become a big thing! A bunch of people are working on making a website, t-shirts, giveaways and overall good vibes. So did you "Like" it already??

Well, with out further ado. Enjoy the video! - Albert