Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This should make you smile and get your toes tappin!

Feel free to share this! Recorded July of 2014 live in concert.
Thanks you Vandoren for the great set up with my mouthpiece, reeds and ligature and RsBerkeley for the great horns!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Some Updates... It's about time! New(ish) album and it's the end of the year!

What's up everyone!!

Thanks to everyone who keeps popping their heads in here and see if anything has been updated. I really need to get better at this. I'm quite certain the addiction of facebook and the constant updating of statues is part of the problem. Still, I need to be better! So, once more once?

First things first? Did you hear about the new album? Back in July we released it on Truth Revolution Records and it's been super exciting. But of course, from this past summer straight into the fall has been non-stop. So.... I really haven't been able to promote it on my end the way it should be pushed. Fortunately, all you guys are super supportive so the album has reached places and people it needed to reach. Plus, I was in the preliminary list for a Grammy nomination, so that's exciting! It's been featured on a number of great music websites and of course if you want to get some free downloads...Click here!


Feel free to click on the picture to order the physical album. Any support helps. The easiest way is through CD Baby. Of course, you can always go to my website and I'll personally ship it to you, and unlike the cover photo..I'll do it with a smile...(I was going for dramatic! Did It Work?)

I uploaded a nice little video of a solo sax performance I did a few weeks ago.. Take a listen, Like it, Comment, and Share it. That's what YouTube is for right? Check it out below.

And of course, here is one of my favorite uploads in the past few years!

So that's a quick update for now. Feel free to share to whomever, whenever. I appreciate all the support and I feel I'm hitting a good stride with my career. So stay tuned for the next year or so. I have a big interview tomorrow for a major publication, so once I get the OK to tell all of you guys and gals I will.

Till then, Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday if you're in the USA and though I hope to write some more before the December holidays that happen world wide, I hope everyone enjoys their time! Happy 2015... It's still enough time to begin to live your dreams.
- Albert