Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Convinced...

I'm convinced that life is what you make it. It's not what you see on t.v nor hear on the radio. It's not about the pictures in magazines, or the overly used similar endings in a Hollywood movie. It's about the present, the right now, the moment you decide to live.

I often wonder when I realized it. It wasn't a clear day that I can recall. Matter of fact, whenever I try to recall anything of my younger self, it usually involves me saying "What was I thinking?" But so is life, you live, and you learn. Ideally you grow with each experience whether good or bad but always remember that in the end you still are living.

People worry to much about the past, the negative emotions usually are what spark memories and that I do understand,  but I wish I could tell people and have them realize... it will be ok. Not that I know their future or have a secret power that will guarantee happiness, I simply just know. And that's it.
If you say to yourself, right this moment that "things will be great and from this moment, this very second, things are great"...then things simply will be great.

One thing I can say that I learned from my childhood is that if I can figure out how to truly be happy then anyone can.  Just like everyone, we all have our moments of trials and tribulations. And soon after, you are met with the infamous "fork" on the road. It may not be obvious, or at the moment even important, but the decision made, leads you down a path and you can't go back. Have no fear, because just as this road starts, another fork is never to far ahead. It's always about a choice. The beauty of living is that you get multiple times to make it right.

How bad can it be. I bet I can put things in perspective. So you lost your phone? Well at least it wasn't your job. Lost an opportunity? That's just life saying one that's better is on it's way. Have a broken heart? Just means you're one less heartbreak away from finding the one. It's all how you view it. I'm convinced.

The past is a powerful force. You can't just erase the bad and keep the good, it's a package deal. The secret is to out weight it with the beauty of your life. Holding on to the past only gives it more power then it already has. Focus on the good, the positive change you want to become and to see with in others. I know there are people who are so hurt or focused on the past sadness, they barely can take a moment and focus on what's around. If you just stop and look around, you'll realize it's amazing.

You're alive, you woke up today with new opportunities and as far as you want to go, is based solely on how far you can imagine. In my mind, since you woke up, you are already ahead of the game. Some weren't so lucky.

I was in 4th grade when a friend on mine passed. He didn't have a choice in the matter, he knew even at his young age his time was numbered, yet he always had a smile, he was always kind and after all these years I still like to think his life had a purpose. If I learned one thing from that memory, was that each day is a gift. So ask yourself.. "Are you living?" I can honestly say I am.. I'm definitely convinced.

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