Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Curtis Brothers and I wish for World Peace, and it starts with our children

I was fortunate to work with the Curtis Brothers on a new record for the holiday season. It's an incredible album with so much music. The track I am on "Let Them Be Children" is an amazing song in the world of John Coltrane. I decided to create a music video for the song, since I was so pleased on how the track came out. If you like what you hear support the albums and the Curtis Brother's Record Label here at
In listening to the song and know how all of us think, the meaning of the song took place. Just like many of you, I wish the world to be at peace. It's a simple idea, yet so difficult to accomplished. I've personally witnessed the power of music, so consider this our own fight against the destruction of war. I can only hope. And without further ado, Enjoy the video, feel free to comment and remember to share and like till your hearts content.

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