Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February already!!! And a peak into the summer...

Wow! Where did the month go. It was just yesterday that I was sipping on some champagne ringing in the new year,  And now? It's the second month of the year, no major issues, things are moving well... In my book, that's plenty to be happy about.

With 2011 off and running, a lot of projects are in the mix. I got Latin Jazz Thursdays off and running with my buddy and B. Smith's Executive V.P Adam Caswell, and so far it's been cooking. I'm looking forward to next Thursday for the show! Well, that's saying I get back to NYC in time.
Front of Vita Muir's House(Executive Director- LPA)

As I sit down and type this I look out the window and I would guess there is about 4 feet of snow. The Front door or side doors can't open cause the snow is blocking it, and the driveway...well, you can only imagine.  I'm up here doing some work for Litchfield Performing Arts getting things situated for the summer school that kicks off July 10th. It takes tons of preparation, and I do love working for this company and for what there mission is. Bringing music to the people through education and performances.  Well, regardless of the snow it didn't stop me from making good progress. Just got confirmed that trumpeter Jean Caze (you may know him for being in Michael Buble's band) will be joining us for the full month of the Litchfield Jazz Camp. This is gonna be an amazing summer. Jean will be joining me on stage at the Jazz Festival which follows the school in the first weekend of August with my Organ Band. It's gonna be a live recording, so I am pumped! More info to follow! For more info on Jean or Michael Buble and touring click on their names.

It's amazing for things to be falling in great places, I've been feeling so inspired and I can't wait to grow some more so that I can continually positively effect others as well. I'm trying!

I'll end with a quote by the great Albert Einstein. "Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value" I will do my best Einstein and I will be my best.
Smiles from Connecticut

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