Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take a moment and look around...It's a nice view.

When was the last time you stopped in the middle of what you were doing and looked around? I bet it's been a while. Maybe it's been a week, or a year or maybe you haven't done so since you've been a child. But I want you to look around you, and notice the little things. I know it's not a big thing to do, nor will it take much effort. But what it will do is plant a seed of realization. Some people stay away from what their reality is for many reasons, maybe it's a money issue, or a family one, maybe they just feel lonely or out a place, and their best answer is to simply dive into work, dive into an addiction, or simply dive, but when you take a moment and realize what is usually right in front of you, or right at your door, you realize life is marvelous.

Take a moment to breath, to live, to smile. Don't do it simply because someone tells you that you should, do it because it's the things that surround you, the feelings that you feel, that make you alive. It makes you human.

You eat and sleep because you are human, you love and feel because you exist. If you spend your whole life never really experiencing the little things..then what are you truly doing?

See in my eyes, noticing the little things makes doing the big things worthwhile. I once was asked a question by a lady on the streets of NYC, why I was smiling and whistling. My answer was "because I'm living". She looked at me as if she was in shock, she took a moment and looked around, looked back at me and then began to smile as she walked away. So do me a favor and take a moment to look around, notice how lucky we all are, and remember..It's a nice view out there.

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