Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It was great day!

Not much to write here, Had a few meetings on the phone, and the gym was productive. Monday I celebrated my 5th week in having a new lifestyle of eating(a very healthy style)) and exercising.
The gig went well. It was in a club in Harlem called Shrine ( ) It was a quick hit with a bunch of buddies. Tried out a new bass players, she's only 18 years old. I think, but she sounded good. I'm sure in a couple of years, she'll be doing great things.

Albert Rivera(Left) Zaccai Curtis (Right)

I ended my night eating at Lily And Loo which is an Asian restaurant that has a special gluten free menu. With Zaccai Curtis being one of my best friends, Gluten free meals are a must.  Food was great, I had a Chicken and Lettuce wrap...I think that's what it was called, and of course some nice Green Tea.

Off to a photo shoot tomorrow morning/afternoon for RSBerkeley and gonna try out some Alto's. Let's see what goodie I might come home with! Stay Smiling it's good for the soul!

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