Thursday, November 11, 2010

My visit to the RSBerkeley Factory!

It was a fun filled day, one of those days that it felt a bit more amazing then normal to be a professional musician. I woke up on the early side to catch a train out to Berkeley Heights, NJ. The president of the company Les Silver was super nice and picked me up from the station. Ive been performing on their Soprano for a few months now, and really love it, so when I got invited out here for a professional photo shoot, I was ecstatic! I wasn't sure how the place would be set up, and man..was this place big! Apparently it needs to be bigger... The guys and gals were amazing to me, and I haven't laughed as hard as I did with the guys in a long time.
That's what life is about, finding people who are not only amazing people both on a personal and professional level, but that you can tell by one look that they love life!

I spent a good amount of time trying out their Alto's and I fell in love with the Silver Plated Virtuoso Alto. I'm hoping with in the month or so, I'll head back to the factory and pick one up from them and start playing it for the world to hear! Patience is key I guess, but it will definitely be worth the wait!
Until next time! Enjoy the video, and once I get some of the photos, You guys will be the first to see them!
Stay Smiling!

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