Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life is beautiful!.....PPL is going great!

So as Tuesday ends and it's early Wednesday morning, I find myself amazed how this program is coming together. We spent most of the rehearsal playing music with my student band as the dance got a glimpse into how it would feel to Dance to a live band, as oppose to recorded music on a CD player.

They're 7th graders, with some 8th graders in the mix, 150 to be exact, that's a lot of 12 and 13 year old running around. But the beauty of it all, is that many are new friends, form different backgrounds, and many of them having their first experiences dancing and being trained by a professional dance company.
And trust me, it's been such a learning experience for me having songs I wrote (and songs fellow saxophonist Kris Allen composed) come to life.
It's amazing to see Matthew Westerby's dance comany work with the students. I just hope the students understand the effort these teachers are putting in. The time I spent with them whether it be in the random car rides back and forth from NY or while the program has been going on have been great.

Stop by and visit Matthew and his dance company on the web.. at
Kudos to everyone for doing such a great job and of course to Vita Muir and Litchfield Performing Arts for being the brains of all of this and getting the funds to inspire these kids, year after year...

They (LPA) were the first company to take a chance on me, the random kid with a ruff edge from the bronx...and look it me know, the professional working musician who so happens to be an adult (time flies), who learned that life is beautiful, amazing and exciting all at once.. Yeah...that has such a great ring to it.

As someone once told me, and I pass to you guys... "love life and it will love you back"
Smiles and hugs

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