Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much done, in such a short time!

What can I say, It sure has been a busy week! From radio shows, to Live shows, to Masterclasses, and it's amazing.
Every since I truly dedicated myself 100% wholeheartedly to music, was when things got the way it was. As if it was a switch, and all it took was trust myself that things would be amazing, and sure enough that's exactly what it's been.

Once of the biggest events this week that made me smile for a long time was the feeling of selling out a venue. It was our annual Thanksgiving show out in the Hartford Area (Szechuan Tokyo) and the people came out by the masses! I thank everyone who stopped by and having standing room only. It was such an amazing feeling and the music showed that very feeling. From orginals, to dedications to John Coltrane.

Below is the video from youtube, or simply click here to be directed to Youtube

We are performing Chim Chim Cher-ee (yes the song from Mary Poppins) and all I can say to those true jazz fans..this was fire!

Another highlight of the week happened this morning. I found myself out in Brooklyn, NY as I joined an old friend on mine Diana Melgarejo from back in High School who has created an amazing program teaching kids music of all types! People like Diana is such an inspiration! Though many would say how blessed I am to travel for a living performing music, I would not be here do what I do and love if it was not for people like Diana. The Educator type, the visionary type, the person who understands and knows that music must be passed on. Because people like her is directly connect to people like me existing.

I spent time with a bunch of children educating them about music, the saxophone, jazz and how to be an overall better musician. Time flew by, and sadly it was over so quickly! But the kids left there smiling, and I hope left with a positive outlook on jazz music!

If you feel like supporting a great organization feel free to visit her company online and see if you can help out at

Until the next day,
As Always, stay smiling!

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