Friday, December 10, 2010

Atlanta has been great!

We arrived Wednesday evening after a nice drive down the east coast from Washington, DC. The night before we had performed in Twins Jazz Club, which was an amazing hang and the music was right there with the feeling! We woke up early, read to embark on a car ride that would last us a little under 10 hours. I never knew 10 hours could feel that short. Armed with XM radio, snacks, and a great vibe, we headed down.

We arrived at the Waverly Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta, and let me tell you..What an amazing hotel! People are so friendly down here, I mean, it's as if they go out their way to be friendly.

It's been jammed with stuff we had to do, In the Morning we stopped by at the studios of WLCK which is one of the prominent Jazz Stations in the country and had a great time, later that night we headed over cross town to the studios of WRFG for what ended up being 2 hours on the air with an impromtu Live solo performance on air. Thanks to John(the host) for being so kind.

Tonight we are performing at the Churchill Grounds in downtown Atlanta. There sure is a buzz going on, and I just have that feeling it's gonna be another great show! I love being a musician, but above all, I love my life!
Until Next time! Stay Smiling!

 (Picture of the outside of  my hotel room)

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