Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Such a great hang tonight...and new update on my blog!

So while I'm out here in CT for another day, tonight after having a great time hanging in a local restaurant with 2 great people, I got home feeling inspired. Probably because we spent a large part of the hang talking about life and it's random turns, I decided let's do something productive. We'll I can't say it was to productive, but since I'm trying to develop a larger online community I decided that both in my blog and my personal website I would add a twitter feed. Not life changing, but pretty cool nonetheless.

We'll if you're om twitter or Facebook for that matter be sure to "follow" me and all my travels. Who knows where the life of a musician will lead me next or who I will meet. I do know one thing for sure, that tomorrow I will have a great year end lunch with great people at Litchfield Performing Arts, I'll head back to the city and the great time of the holidays and Christmas is here!

So take a moment and look around, give a hug or simply a smile to a loved one, tell them that you appreciate them and all that they do, help someone in need, and always...remember to be happy! Life is to beautiful not to be!
Until next time,
Your buddy from the Bronx!
Albert Rivera!

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