Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Productivity is the key!

So this week I've had a few days where I can just stay and work from home. Which as many of you many know the last 2 months, to have a day "off" is a rarity, but between me and you, it's been such a blessing to be so busy! I hope it never stops! But, with that being said, i've been focusing alot on getting new videos up on as well as getting fans some new downloads of songs and of course trying to build a larger fan base..
Whew...if it sounds like a lot of work..and if you are thinking it is...then you're right!

I'm still on a soulful high from last weeks shows, and now more then ever feel so confident about where my music is heading and the band members that the future is even more exciting!
I gotta say thanks once gain to Beck Burger, Nate Jolley and Andrew Lipow for the shows and the hang!
It's only the beginning ya!

Here is a video of a solo I took on the Blues. This was cookin! Take a look and a listen!

If you want more information on the band, visit them on their own websites

Until next always,
Be Happy and Stay Smiling!

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