Saturday, December 18, 2010

Philly had a great vibe!

I arrived to Philly early yesterday afternoon. My buddy Jon Michele had hired me to perform at a club he regularly performs at, but in this case he was working another event. He promised me that the musicians n the gig were top notch and it would be a great time. On his word, I hopped on and for a nice ticket price of $8 a arrived quickly and 1 piece.

It was pretty cold, well since it is the middle of December, and there was not much time to simply walk around the city of brotherly love, but in the few hours I did have, we grab some food, and a tea and we chatted. I'm always down to chat...especially if it deals with business, or helping others.

We went our different ways and I found myself at Le Cochon Noir in West Philadelphia. The spot was a bit hard to find but nonetheless I arrived with time to spare. The place is big,  I a warehouse kinda big..a nice look inside with a huge stage. I was officially super excited.

I met the band mates one by one as they each arrived separately.  I could sense they were great people..the vibe from each one of them was a loving and happy as far as I was concerned the gig was already a success before our first note.

Success may be the accurate word, but the vibe on stage when we started playing was truly special. We played..and played. We hit it hard from all angles and didn't stop. Last night was one of those gigs that one wishes it would have been recorded..bootlegged, or even videoed. But it was not. So for those people listening, they had bard witness to music making in the top level. You now things were intense when, as I finished performing on the last song and introducing the band mates, I take a look at my mouthpiece and a small amount of blood was on the reed.

Yeah...It was that intense.

That's the beauty of never really know who you will meet, what connections you will find, or even what music will be created. Hey, now that it is all said and done, I left Philly with a few new friends, a great feeling and a memory of a night where 4 strangers came together and created something beautiful.
Time for me to go and continue living this dream of mine I call life...let's see what today will bring about.
Help others and stay smiling

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